We are a group of friends and family who are committed to “making a difference no matter how small” in memory of our girl, Kelsey Rebecca Kittleson. Kelsey’s illness and passing profoundly impacted all of us who knew and loved her. We stood beside her as she strived to live like a normal teenager, shared in her experiences, both the amazing and heartbreaking, held her and comforted her as she passed from this world, and promised we would take the lessons we learned from this journey and make that difference.

Kelsey’s Logo

Kelsey’s logo was created with a great deal of meaning behind it. We started with Kelsey’s favorite colors, blue and green, and added the gray to represent the brain tumor community. Kelsey’s passion for music inspired our use of the sixteenth note, which Kelsey herself used to say was her perfect music note because she thought it was both beautiful and represented her love of soccer as her jersey was #16. Music also symbolizes a connection to The Melodies Center as their logo includes a musical staff and notations. The hearts are significant for two reasons: one, Kelsey insisted on adding one heart charm to every bracelet she made for, “Kelsey’s bracelets for The Melodies Center”, and two, Kelsey’s favorite quote was, “Music is life. That’s why our hearts have beats.” We combined all of these components and worked with the incredible Danielle McMahon to create the Kelsey’s Promise logo.