13 Kids Who Care: Kelsey Kittleson
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Kelsey Kittleson is battling a terrible disease, but she’s not letting that stop her from doing what she’s always done, give with all her heart. Keep Reading

Former “13 Kids Who Care” honoree passes away
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Kelsey’s mother says her daughter passed away Saturday morning around 1:30 a.m. surrounded by her family and lots of love.

Kelsey was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2015. She’s been giving back for years by making bracelets for patients at the Melody Center. Keep Reading

‘Kindness rocks’ keep young girl’s spirit alive after death
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NewsChannel 13 profiled Kelsey Kittleson in March. Sadly, she passed away in early July, but her spirit lives on. In fact, a month and a half after her death, she is impacting people around the world.

It all started with a Facebook page created just days after Kelsey died. It was built around something called “The Kindness Rock Project.” Keep Reading

Remembering Kelsey Kittleson, a kid who cared for others

On Kelsey Kittleson’s 16th birthday on Thursday, her friends, family and classmates will gather in the Averill Park High School auditorium where many classmates will share memories of the compassionate and fun-loving teen. She died on Saturday after a two-year battle with brain cancer, a disease her family and friends say she never wanted to define her. And it won’t, given how vibrantly and lovingly Kelsey lived her brief life. Keep Reading

They’re gone, but their inner light shines on

Every person is born with a divine spark. I can’t imagine that anyone, religious or not, who has spent time with a baby or toddler could believe otherwise.

That spark is why no person is better than another, despite wealth or fame. It is why each one of us has value, despite our flaws. It is why we are all born equal, king or pauper. We all have magic within us. Keep Reading