The Kindness Rock Project: Kelsey, #TKRPKels, was started by Kelsey’s friends a couple of days after she passed. These awesome teens got together for two days to sketch out and begin the project to inspire love, joy, and kindness just as Kelsey did. On the day of Kelsey’s celebration of life and what would have been her 16th birthday, Kelsey’s friends handed out hundreds of rocks to family and friends. Since that time, Kelsey’s kindness rocks have traveled across the state, the country, and the world ending up in places like Paris, Stonehenge, Jamaica, Canada, West Point, San Francisco, intensive care units, mountain tops, and beaches along the east coast from Maine to Florida.

This project inspired a movement as more groups of people have come together to create their own #TKRPKels rock painting parties. Kelsey’s cousin created the event, “Kindness Rocks at the Pink Cow” in Alden, NY. Kelsey’s elementary school held its own painting event and now has a kindness rock garden in their foyer. Summer camps, groups of friends and families have also created their own #TKRPKels rock painting celebrations, coming together, laughing, bonding, and carrying on Kelsey’s spirit.

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‘Kindness rocks’ keep young girl’s spirit alive after death
NewsChannel 13

NewsChannel 13 profiled Kelsey Kittleson in March. Sadly, she passed away in early July, but her spirit lives on. In fact, a month and a half after her death, she is impacting people around the world.

It all started with a Facebook page created just days after Kelsey died. It was built around something called “The Kindness Rock Project.” Keep Reading